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Katy Raucher

Powerhouse jazz and blues singer, songwriter and educator based out of Hobart Tasmania. American born singer, songwriter and educator, Katy Raucher (She/They) is known for their powerful and emotive vocal performances, and passion for voice and music education.

An avid performer, Katy has established themselves both in the local and international music scene and is well known for their ability to adapt to and connect to every style and lyric they sing, creating clear, clean lines in one moment, and boisterous, rich growls the next. Audiences can hear how Katy makes each moment their own, while still drawing influence from the rich and vibrant sounds of the jazz, blues and soul greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Bonnie Raitt and Aretha Franklin


When not performing, Katy is also a recognized and passionate music educator, specializing in jazz and contemporary music performance, song writing and advanced vocal techniques. Katy can often be found running specialized workshops, researching and developing teaching material, and working as a tutor, unit coordinator and guest lecturer for the University of Tasmania, the University Connections Program, and Tasmanian Department for Education, Children and Young People as well as running their own private practice.

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