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Katy Raucher is an established singer, teacher and songwriter specializing in a range of musical genres and stylings from jazz and soul to musical theatre and pop. Originally from Boulder, CO. USA they are currently based out of Hobart, Tasmania. With a diverse musical background and over 10 years in in the industry, they work in a wide range of musical styles from musical theatre and classical, to pop and rock, but finds themselves drawn most often to jazz, blues and soul.​

Since moving to Australia in 2008 and gaining a Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours from the University of Tasmania, Katy has established themselves both in the local and international music scene with regular event and festival appearances including Falls Festival, Mona Foma, Taste of Tasmania, Bruny Island Blues Festival, Dark Mofo, Festivale, Devonport Jazz Festival, and a song featured in New Yorks as part of the 2019 United Nations Commission on the Status of Woman. They perform regularly in a wide range of styles and ensembles including soul and blues Hammond quartet Katy Raucher & the Spectrums, Ella Fitzgerald and Joe pass inspired jazz duo Katy Raucher with Mark Schmalfuss, soul and RnB ensemble Soul Truck, Disney reimagined jazz ensemble Katy and the Tramps, and as a featured soloist in the Southern Gospel Choir.  Katy has had the pleasure to feature in a range of recorded and commercial work and has released 3 albums of original music including their latest album Katy Raucher & The Spectrums released in 2023. As well has their own material, Katy has worked alongside many notable artists including Steven Schwartz, Michelle Nicole, Sandy Evans, Nick Haywood, Darren Percival, Khristian Dently of Take 6, Idea of North, Kristen Beradi, Elly Hoyt, Maria Lurighi, Andrew Legg, Dean Stevenson, and Christine Anu.​

Katy is also a distinguished vocal and music educator, with a passion for sharing their knowledge and love and of music with others. With over 10 years of teaching experience, and a continuous hunger for learning themselves Katy regularly provides their expertise and runs specialized workshops including at the Festival of Voices, Kia-Ora Youth Music Camp (NSW), and proud mentor for the Clarence Jazz Festival Scholarship winners since 2021. They also work for the University of Tasmania, the University Connections Programs, and the Tasmanian Department for Education, Children and Young People, as well as her own private teaching studio.


Katy Raucher (She/They)


​Born and raised in Colorado, USA, Katy had an interest and passion for music from a very young age. As well as singing, they learned flute, piccolo and tuba, and were continuously involved in school bands, choirs, musicals and music programs throughout their childhood. While school itself was not always easy, Katy found a sense of belonging in music and the creative arts. By the end of high school, they had landed several musical theatre lead roles, were student president of their school high school choir program, and regularly featured as a soloist for a range of classical and contemporary musical ensembles.

In 2008 Katy took a gap year and traveled to Australia. After a short stint exploring the mainland, Katy found themselves in Tasmania where they began their study at The University of Tasmania's Conservatorium of Music. It didn't take long for Katy to fall in love with the program as well as the Tasmanian way of life, and a few months abroad quickly turned into enrolment in a Bachelor of Music and full-time study.​Unfortunately, in mid 2010 Katy was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and forced to defer her studies and return to the United States for treatment. However, music remained an important part of Katy's life and recovery, and throughout this time they explored writing, recording and performing their own material for the first time. Thankfully treatment was successful, and Katy was able to return to their new life in Australia.


 Upon their return to Tasmania and their studies, Katy formed their band 'Katy and the 3rd Row' with friends and fellow musicians from the UTAS Conservatorium of Music as a platform for their newfound song writing. In 2011 the band entered and won a competition to perform at the Marian Bay Falls Festival, and in 2013 they recorded and released their debut self-titled album of original material 'Katy and the 3rd Row.' In 2014, Katy graduated from UTAS with a Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours, with a focus on vocal technique and the application of jazz techniques in modern musical theatre. Following her graduation, Katy toured the USA as a feature soloist with the Southern Gospel Choir, with multiple performances including Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and California.


​After graduating, Katy continued to write and perform regularly in the music scene. They also continued their never-ending quest for knowledge through research into vocal techniques and pedagogy as they began to establish themselves as a vocal and music tutor.  By 2016 Katy was back at the UTAS, this time as an employee offering vocal and ensemble tuition. They have since continued their work in the Jazz and Popular Music program and postgraduate performance programs.​ Also in 2016 Katy released their second album "Little Old You" in collaboration with Tasmanian guitarist Mark Schmalfuss, featuring original jazz compositions inspired by the recordings of Ella Fitgerald and Joe Pass. established in 2010, the duo continues to perform and write music together regularly, with a second duo album on the way.


​In 2017 Katy expanded their employment at the University of Tasmania through work in the University Connections Program, offering musical pathway courses for year 11 and 12 students. Katy has since established themselves as an integral part of the programs team, working in the Songwriting, Music Projects (musical theatre) and Practical Studies (musical performance) units offering workshops, creating course material, and overseeing unit coordination and delivery.


​In 2019 Katy had a career highlight when their poignant original song "Me Too" gained international attention and was featured in New York for the United Nations Commission on the Status of Woman.​In 2021 Katy was appointed Scholarship Mentor for the Clarence Jazz Festival, overseeing auditions, workshops and performances with scholarship winners, and has continued the role with pride.


​In 2023 Katy released their third album of original works with their blues and soul Hammond ensemble 'Katy & the Spectrums.' the ensemble has performed in numerous events and festivals including the Bruny Island Blues Festival, Dark Mofo, Festivale, and Devonport Jazz Festival, and their latest recordings are regularly played on radio stations worldwide.​Currently, Katy continues to explore every facet of musical knowledge and expression that they can.


Katy continues to teach and perform regularly throughout Tasmania and Internationally, are working on their next album of jazz originals with esteemed guitarist Mark Schmalfuss, and looking to pursue a PHD in vocal pedagogy in the near future.

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