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Katy Raucher


Katy Raucher is a young singer, teacher and songwriter specialising in a range of contemporary genres from jazz and soul to musical theatre and pop. Originally from Boulder, CO. USA she is currently based out of Hobart, Tasmania, AUS.


Performing extensively in music theatre and classical music throughout her early life, Katy relocated to Australia in 2008 to study music at Tasmania's Conservatorium of Music. She soon began writing, recording and performing her own material in 2010. In late 2010 Katy was forced to defer studies in Australia after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer. This experience and extended period of recovery allowed Katy to emerge as a songwriter, channelling her experiences through writing music. After two extensive surgeries and radiation treatment, Katy's health has greatly improved as has her passion for studying and creating music. Katy has since recovered and once again returned to her life and musical pursuits in Australia.


In 2011 Katy formed her band 'The 3rd Row' with fellow classmates from the Conservatorium, which she used as a vehicle for developing her material. In 2013 they recorded and released their debut self titled album 'Katy and the 3rd Row.'


In November 2014, Katy graduated with First Class Honours from the Utas Conservatorium of music, with a focus on vocal technique and the application of jazz techniques in modern musical theatre. Following her graduation, Katy toured the USA as a feature soloist with the Southern Gospel Choir.  

In 2016 Katy released her second album "Little Old You" in collaboration with guitarist Mark Schmalfuss featuring original jazz compositions.

Katy is currently working on several projects including another collaboration with Mark Schmalfuss,and an album featuring her Blues andd Soul originals with her band Katy Raucher and the Spectrums.

Katy is also a distinguished vocal and music tutor, with a passion for sharing her love of music with others since 2013. She focuses on advances vocal techniques and now teaches at the University of Tasmania's Conservatorium of Music, as well as several Tasmanian schools and her own private teaching studio.


Currently, Katy continues to work and perform regularly throughout Hobart. As well has her own material, Katy is also involved with a wide variety of musicians and bands both in Tasmania and internationally. Katy performs as a featured soloist with The Southern Gospel Choir, as well as a lead vocalist for Katy Raucher and the Spectrums, Soultruck, and Mangus. Katy also currently performs in several jazz and pop ensembles including an Ella and Pass inspired set with Mark Schmalfuss, a wedding and function band Something Borrowed, and has worked alongside many notable artists including Darren Percival, Khristian Dently of Take 6Idea of North, Steven Schwartz, Elly Hoyt, Maria Lurighi, Andrew Legg, Kristen Beradi, Dean Stevenson, Nick Haywood, and Christine Anu. 

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